Weight Loss for Your Entire Family

Weight Loss for Your Entire Family

Being parents is as it a very tough task, and you wouldn’t want to make it any tougher with weight issues. Keeping your family fit and healthy is a priority for all. You must have been told by people how important it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but it is easier said than done. Who has the time to buy special low calorie meals and prepare those? And who has the time to go for workouts every day? But you needn’t worry anymore; here are a few tips and innovative ideas to keep you as well as your family healthy and low on fat keeping your busy schedule in mind.

Work out is important. This is for all moms with young children. You can opt for gyms with special care facilities for children. They have proper babysitting facilities so that you can work out freely without worrying for your children.

Lay stress on family oriented activities. You can clean the yard, play with your dog, go for walks, take your children for bicycle rides and do other fun activities with your family. Make it your fun family time. You will surely look forward to this time of the day.

Grow fresh veggies in your own kitchen garden. Your backyard garden will give you easy access to fresh and health vegetables so every time you want to cook up a healthy meal you don’t have to rush to the supermarket. Tending to your garden would also help burn off some calories.


Tell your children about the benefits of a healthy diet and how important it is to exercise regularly.

  • Raking your garden should be high energy fun filled activity. You can run, leap and jump around the garden while bonding with your family.
  • Go to the park or the nearby store with your family. Release your parenting stress while having fun with your friends.
  • While at the park play with your children, have fun, participate in games and encourage your kids to do so too.
  • Try to walk whenever possible. Instead of using your car for all your chores opt for walking. This way you do your bit for the environment while shaping up.
  • It is far easier to cook up healthy meals and snacks than you think. Keep fresh veggies at hand for making meals and salads. Clean and cut them in advance and store them away in containers. Being prepared is essential so that you don’t gorge on unhealthy oily food when you are hungry. Also, raw and boiled veggies are healthier than those cooked with heavy gravies and sauces. If you have a very busy schedule, you can also get pre-cleaned and cut veggies from the market. Try new herbs to add flavors to your dishes.
  • Do not isolate your exercise time. Try working out with your spouse and children. You can also involve your pets in your work out for adding the fun factor.

Following these steps, you will soon discover that losing weight and getting into shape is not all that difficult. Also, it can be done keeping stress at bay while bonding with your family.…

Your Guide To Losing Weight

Your Guide To Losing Weight

Have you always dreamt of being in shape? Do you often find yourself saying “help me, I need to lose weight”? If the answers to the above questions are yes, you must read on to find out simple yet effective ways to lose weight.

Avoid common mistakes: remember that there are no shortcuts to a healthy and lean body.  Do not rely on weight loss pills or crash diets. Instead of feeling healthy you will end up feeling deprived. Diets severely cut calories but the weight once lost is difficult to maintain. Moreover, you end up putting on weight more quickly. Do not have unrealistic and impractical goals as failure to meet goals leaves you discouraged and you may even start feeling isolated.

Quit emotional eating: food is not a stress buster. You should look at it as merely a means to quench hunger. Count your calories, plan when and how to eat. You mustn’t multitask while eating; it is essential to concentrate on your food while eating. Find alternative ways to soothe and relax.

Mindful eating: pay attention while eating. Avoid distractions and chew your food thoroughly. You must stop eating before you are full.

Fruits, vegetables, and fiber: this is one way to feel satisfied while losing weight. Eat as many fruits as you can. Replace soda and calorie laden drinks with fruit juice.

Do not overindulge:  temptation rises when you put any food completely off-limits. You can give yourself a treat sometimes but never over indulge. Take small servings of high calorie food. Find ways to reduce the fat and calorie content in your special treats.

Take charge: be in charge of your own food. Cook your food so you can control its quantity and content. Always start your day with a healthy breakfast. Serve smaller portions, and plan your snacks and meals beforehand. Do not stack up unhealthy fattening food at your home.

Change your lifestyle: bring about healthy lifestyle changes. Get sufficient sleep and drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. Exercise regularly as working out is essential for losing weight as well as maintaining a healthy weight.

Burning calories is a lot easier than cutting down on the calorie intake. Losing weight not only makes you look better and more appealing but it also gives a tremendous boost to your confidence. So instead of thinking “help me, I need to lose weight”, become in charge of your own life and start losing weight by following these simple tips.

Infographic by: www.alphega-pharmacy.co.uk