A study, published in April, revealed that adding omega-3 fatty
acids to the diet of non-obese diabetic mice signifi cantly improved
the metabolism of glucose and decreased the incidence of type
1 diabetes (an incurable autoimmune disorder). Both nutritional
supplementation and genetic therapy normalised blood sugar
and insulin levels for a minimum of 182 days, and stopped the
development of autoimmunity, as well as blocking the infi ltration
of lymphocytes into the islets of the pancreas and drastically
increasing the levels of beta cell markers. These results suggest
that omega-3s may serve as a new therapy for type 1 diabetes.
This would be welcome as the most common current treatment
option is administering insulin, and the goal of the medical
research community is to stop the body’s immune system from
attacking its own cells.

Omega-3 therapy for type 1 diabetes?

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